Ukrainian Women Are Amazing for Dating & Marriage

Ukrainian Women: PROs, CONs & Unpredictable Things

Ukrainian brides are among the most popular females on all dating websites. It’s right about the majority of Slavic women. There’s a list of reasons making them search for decent men and more tolerant and flexible society in the western countries. You shouldn’t be afraid of online matchmaking procedures because nowadays, it’s a smart and refined operation under constant control of experienced psychologists and IT specialists.

 Courting Ukrainian Women: PROs

  • They are traditional wives and classy mothers who are not interested in psychological and
    financial independence because they respect the power of men.
  • They stick to the old-school values when it comes to social morals, attitude to parents, and
    household chores.
  • They are passionate, and if you manage to win her heart, she will give her all to make you feel
    emotionally and physically satisfied.
  • They are very loyal to their partners.

Of course, there’s a number of cunning girls from Ukraine and Russia seeking sugar daddies ready to pay
for all their needs. Nevertheless, you can avoid this risk factor by using a trustworthy matchmaking
website with a positive reputation.

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How Can a Foreigner Find a Bride in Ukraine?

For Ukrainian women, marriage with a foreigner sounds like a dream which came true. Nowadays, almost 7 percent of marriages are between the girls from Ukraine and foreigners.

However, worldwide, the reputation of dating Ukrainian women was damaged by fraud schemes of various “agencies”. Because of their activities, Ukrainians are notorious for being predatory and greedy, trying only to trick money out of rich foreigners. Unfortunately, there are real victims who tried to find the love of their life in Ukraine. After spending several thousands of dollars on a potential bride, they found out that the girl was not interested anymore or revealed that she was married. Not a bright outlook, isn’t it?

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Marrying A Foreigner: Real Pros And Cons

Many Russian and Ukrainian girls dream of meeting a handsome foreigner and relocating to his country. They associate outlanders with wealth, generosity and charm. The reality, however, does not always match the myth. Here, we examine the most common benefits and drawbacks of international marriages.


  1. Immigration

By marrying a foreigner, you become a citizen of another country. This is an aspiration of women who love traveling or dislike their place of residence. A new country means new opportunities. Relocation will broaden your horizons and let you explore the world. Since the Soviet times, foreign countries have been perceived as a place of happiness and prosperity. Patriotic-minded girls are thus least likely to seek a foreigner.

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Is It Legal to Marry a U.S. Resident for Citizenship?

Many girls from the former Soviet block dream of marrying a handsome and wealthy foreigner. The USA is still perceived as a land of infinite opportunities, prosperity, and happiness. Marriage, therefore, is seen as a surefire way to settle down on the American soil. However, is it legal to secure US citizenship through marriage today?

The answer, unfortunately, is not straightforward. Generally, marriage is still a route to eligibility for legal residency. This means getting a green card and later citizenship if the couple proves the marriage is no sham. You might remember the episode from House MD in which Gregory agrees to help a lady pull off a wedding scam and fool immigration officials. However, this works only for legal immigrants, so undocumented foreigners have no chance.

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Shock! Look What Happened to the Girl After Marrying a Foreigner!

She was a bright blond in short skirt, always on high heels. But she married German man and in a year her friends just can’t recognize her. This was a very ordinary woman in jeans and trainers with a shortcut. Almost no makeup and hair color is natural.

The former Russian lady explained that life in Germany is very practical and balanced and here are some tips which made her change image:

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