Marrying A Foreigner: Real Pros And Cons

Marrying A Foreigner: Real Pros And Cons

09/09/2018 0 By Alan

Many Russian and Ukrainian girls dream of meeting a handsome foreigner and relocating to his country. They associate outlanders with wealth, generosity and charm. The reality, however, does not always match the myth. Here, we examine the most common benefits and drawbacks of international marriages.


  1. Immigration

By marrying a foreigner, you become a citizen of another country. This is an aspiration of women who love traveling or dislike their place of residence. A new country means new opportunities. Relocation will broaden your horizons and let you explore the world. Since the Soviet times, foreign countries have been perceived as a place of happiness and prosperity. Patriotic-minded girls are thus least likely to seek a foreigner.

  1. Coping with a demographic disparity

Statistically, Russia has more females than males. This means a young single lady has low chances of securing a good husband locally. Another consequence is that Russian men are now used to seeing women competing for them. They see no reason to make an effort and forget what being a gentleman means.

Hence, family-oriented girls find it hard to settle down. Foreigners, on the other hand, are known to treat women with respect and cherish family values. Moreover, those who apply to marriage agencies are consciously looking for a wife, not a fling. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally, this holds true.

  1. Prosperity

As a rule, foreigners looking for brides are better off than men in Russia or Ukraine. After all, the standard of living in Switzerland cannot be compared to a small town somewhere in Siberia. A man of modest income will hardly spend money on a foreign wife. However, fraud is always possible. Hence, it is best to check the potential husband’s background before tying the knot.  


  1. Adapting to another country

Relocation requires adaptability. You need to learn about local customs, traditions, and laws, and conform to them. After all, you are simply an immigrant, and it might take you a long time to achieve equal rights and opportunities with other residents. Unfortunately, in some countries, women from the Soviet bloc are viewed as a second class until they make exceptional efforts to be accepted. Unless being a wife and mother is your only wish, you will probably need to get a degree locally.

  1. A wife or a slave?

Do some culture research before agreeing to leave your homeland. How do men in your lover’s country treat women? While Europe should pose no threat, the mentality of Muslim nations may be too different from Slavic traditions. This is especially important for ladies who are not docile and do not plan to passively obey their husbands.

  1. Missing your family

Naturally, a move abroad will mean less contact with your loved ones. it might take a while before your family members are able to join you if they ever wish to. Video calls via Skype will hardly suffice if you are used to meaningful daily communication.

In Conclusion

Overall, consider all pros and cons before setting off for a faraway land. Naturally, international marriage may look promising and glamorous. However, there are potential pitfalls. Do your homework and prepare thoroughly to ensure true marital bliss abroad.