Most Attractive Personality Traits On Dating Profiles

Most Attractive Personality Traits On Dating Profiles

05/25/2018 0 By Alan

A study conducted by a popular U.S.-based dating site has revealed the most attractive personality traits if its users. The data reflects the mentality of westerners, but with the impact of globalization, Eastern Europe is quickly adopting the same views.

Women’s Top Five

According to the poll, these are the most popular traits possessed by men:

  1. Theater knowledge

Women appreciate it when a man takes an interest in art. Do not lie on your profile if theater bores you to death. However, basic knowledge of such entertainment may come in handy.

  1. Cooking skills

Gone are the days when women were confined in their kitchens. Today, girls prefer boys who can cook, too. No wonder there are celebrity chef shows on every TV channel.

  1. Healthy lifestyle

Nowadays, health and exercise are a must. It is something that an attractive man possesses by definition. Health means longevity, while bad habits are frowned upon.

  1. Passion for traveling

Yes, women love explorers. Seeing the world broadens a man’s horizons. Ladies prefer men with travel experience even if it doesn’t involve bold adventures. Perhaps, it confirms that such guys are ready to settle down. The same trait in a lady, however, will not boost her charms.

  1. Politics

Women like men who are aware of the political climate. Interestingly, the same quality diminishes the attractiveness of a woman.

Men’s Top Five

Interestingly, some of the things listed below coincide with the men’s most attractive traits of character:

  1. Dancing skills

Gentlemen like graceful ladies who know how to dance. This also means flexibility and overall health. It might be a good idea to return to the barre or take up tango classes.

  1. Family values

Despite the global spread of the childfree movement, it is still in minority. Men care about their partner’s views on the family unit, and women are still evaluated as potential mothers. Project the image of a kind, caring and family-focused lady.

  1. Cooking skills

Unsurprisingly, men still prefer women who love cooking. As the old saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. After all, a good wife must be able to look after the household and create delicious meals.

  1. Healthy lifestyle

Obviously, men pay a lot of attention to a candidate’s curves and overall fitness. In a world obsessed with good looks, a toned body is becoming the norm. Fit equals sexy.

  1. Personal growth

It is encouraging to learn that men value inner growth. There is truth to the phrase “To love someone else, you have to love yourself.” So read books, take up exciting activities and learn something new every day.

Overall, a healthy lifestyle and cooking attract both genders. If you do not possess all of the top 5 features, do not despair. We are all different. In online dating, it is important to be honest and proactive. With some digging, you will connect to a person who shares your worldview.