Shock! Look What Happened to the Girl After Marrying a Foreigner!

Shock! Look What Happened to the Girl After Marrying a Foreigner!

04/14/2018 0 By Alan

She was a bright blond in short skirt, always on high heels. But she married German man and in a year her friends just can’t recognize her. This was a very ordinary woman in jeans and trainers with a shortcut. Almost no makeup and hair color is natural.

The former Russian lady explained that life in Germany is very practical and balanced and here are some tips which made her change image:

  • The main part of the household duties is mine. My spouse Tomas buys grocery, carries bags, pots with clothes, and he can cook something. However, we are one team. If someone needs help or has not enough time because of work, then the other is ready to help.
  • German men perceived a woman as an equal partner and your sexy image is not an excuse to contribute less into the family budget. But males are on a par with a woman in raising children. At the beginning of our relationship, it was not always clear to me why, if I need help, and Bengt knows this, he does not offer it. I was taught by my mom that “a man always ‘has to’ and ‘must.” But he was taught that it was impossible to offer help until asked. Otherwise, the woman might be offended as perceived she would not cope.
  • When I understood some nuances, I just learned to ask for help and generally talk about my desires. It became much easier for both of us to understand each other.
  • German punctuality turned out to be a myth. Many of my friends and acquaintances may be late for half an hour or an hour.
  • For German women being always very stylish and fashionable is also nonsense. Many women just wear comfortable clothes and shoes. They can go out during the day without makeup and dress up for special occasions or goings.
  • In this country, I became a hard-working and law-abiding. Now I cherish my time very much. F. e. here you can be invited to the president dinner. But if you have an early job assignment tomorrow, no one will be offended that you don’t drink and is going to leave early. “Ich muss arbeiten” is a great German spell from late chats and gatherings.

Sometimes the thread of fate weaves incredible patterns. One actress comes across her future husband online and met him while touring to his country. The young man came to the performance and fall in love. And now they have lived together for 10 years and raise two children. Such stories inspire, give a hope that “your” person will definitely wait for you. No matter, how you look – bright or modest. If you wear designer outfits or second-hand jeans. Love is the most important thing.